Beauty is something that we can change, we can improve upon, and we can accept.

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Younger women are of course more able to have children so youth is seen as something desirable; this is natural and helps us have procreated around the world. However, many people think it’s not ok to be older or less attractive because they might feel like there isn’t a point in living anymore.

In my opinion, though, doesn’t come from society’s norms but rather from within one person. Society may say you’re beautiful when you’re young but what about when you older? Well, I believe if someone has good qualities then they should just focus on those instead of trying to get the perfect body or face which will, as I’ve said before, change as time passes by.

So what makes a person beautiful? Well to answer this question we must understand what is and where it comes from. is defined as ‘the qualities in a person or thing that give pleasure to the senses or pleasurably excite the mind or emotions. I believe that and unique experiences go hand-to-hand.

I think that people define themselves with their standards of beauty instead of looking at society’s norms because everyone is individual and everyone sees things differently; there isn’t one way to see how something should look like – only what you think it looks like. For example, someone who has scars along their face may feel self-conscious about them but to another person who doesn’t look at them as scars but rather a part of their face, the scar may not even be noticeable.

But what does beauty mean? Beauty can come from both external and internal sources. It is a state of being that has been created by society over time so it’s hard to pinpoint one thing that makes someone beautiful. But if you have experienced many things throughout your life then I believe this could make you more aware of yourself and the world, which in turn would make you more self-aware and probably happier.

Being positive towards oneself can also affect how people view themselves inwardly which will show on their exterior appearance as well; smiling is a good way for example to bring happiness to both your body and mind.

It is important to be aware of culture and society because although we may feel like we’re not bound by the things that they say, we still are affected by it and this is something that I believe people should recognize and take note of so as not to be swept away with fads or what people think they need to do to fit into a certain box.

The main point I’m trying to get across here is that beauty comes from within yourself; once you can accept yourself then others will see you as beautiful too. No matter how old you are or how young, there’s no standard for beauty; everyone has their way of seeing things and the most important thing is self-acceptance. Being comfortable in your skin is the most important thing you can do.

It’s about individuality. It’s not so much about being satisfied with what society perceives as beautiful or not, but rather how one defines beauty for themselves.

Beauty changes over time because of societal standards, culture, and even technology…but what makes a person truly beautiful starts from within themselves simply by accepting who they are and recognizing their flaws to better understand who they are both inside and outside without changing too much of what makes them unique.

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