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being beautiful

In order to fully appreciate , it is necessary to be able to compare. To do this, there must be at least two different values of the same object, to extend the thinking. Without an absolute frame of reference for comparison, one is not able to assess the degree of in one thing over another. is complicated and hard to explain but can be said that it is a game of comparison. Suppose there was only one woman in the world; now the question is whether she was beautiful or not. The answer unambiguously would be that you couldn’t say anything because you don’t have another woman to compare with.

This is at the heart of the problem in finding an objective definition for beauty. With no frame of reference, it is impossible to tell whether or not something is beautiful. Beauty in things would be purely subjective with no way to compare, and thus no way to measure if one thing was more beautiful than another. Without sameness (a frame of reference) there can be no measurement; without measurement, there can be no standard; without a standard, there can be nothing called “beautiful.”

More simply put: you can’t discuss how rich something is unless you have some point of comparison (e.g., how much money everyone else has). If everyone’s wealth were completely different or didn’t at all, then statements like “the wealth of the world is increasing” or “he has a lot of money” would make no sense (obviously).

The same thing can be said about love, beauty, and many other things that have been defined subjectively. They all must have something outside of just your opinion in order to actually exist. This is part of how we know they’re not truly objective in any way since a frame of reference outside a person’s opinion is necessary for their existence. Objective definitions don’t need comparisons from other people, places or things in order to have an existence.

Modern philosophy tried so hard to solve this problem by thinking within itself instead of through reality, where it belongs. Modern philosophy is subjective and thus, in my opinion, not really philosophy at all (more like an opiate for the masses). Real philosophy goes outside of itself to reality and tries to understand it, instead of trying to impose its limited understanding onto reality which sets up a false standard.

Even if beauty was subjective people would still be able to take something that they find beautiful and compare that with other things to get a better appreciation for what they know and feel about it — but we don’t degrade our experiences down to just one isolated thing we happen to like/dislike or think/don’t think under some contrived pretense that since we can only experience within ourselves then this renders everything else obsolete or invalid. We don’t do this because it is stupid! Yet the anti-realists are saying exactly this about all of reality, inevitably rendering everything else invalid in the process.

Why would anyone want to live in a world that was no more than what they already can experience within themselves? What’s the point? The answer is that there really isn’t any point… except for anti-realism is totally subjective and has no relation to reality whatsoever. It doesn’t solve anything, either.

My opinion on beauty remains unchanged: beauty is when there are similarities between two or more things so that one thing reminds you of another which naturally leads us to have feelings about them both ( or negative). This happens when a certain configuration of information appears before you which causes a memory to be stored within your brain. There is a reason why the thing that appeared reminded you of that other thing from your past, and it has nothing to do with just being random or subjective since there is a structure at play here.

As adults, we need to re-teach ourselves where true beauty comes from. A lot of us get so caught up in all the pressures of life and work that we forget about what’s most important. We get so focused on our own lives that we forget about everything else. It’s really important for us to be reminded of what beauty truly is and where it comes from. Another thing we need to remind ourselves of is not so much what beauty truly means, but where true beauty comes from.

What makes something beautiful? There are a few things that make something or someone looks more aesthetically pleasing. This includes symmetry, simplicity, and evenness amongst other qualities which you can see below: In the end, all of this relates back to how efficient something is as well as how organized it is. Things that look disorganized tend to be thought of as ugly because they reflect a lack of symmetry and/or organization within a person’s mind. The same holds true for ugliness because it doesn’t really exist in its own right — anything lacking order will simply be perceived as ugly by those who notice the disorderliness (disorganized thoughts within one’s self).

There are different types of beauty, too. One type is the beauty found in nature which includes things like mountains, flowers and other things that grow naturally. This kind of beauty attracts us to nature but it also reminds us of other times in our lives when we were surrounded by similar natural settings which makes us feel good because they are familiar to us.

There’s just something about being close to mother nature that makes you feel more alive than anything else does. Other kinds of beauty include artistic beauty (i.e., paintings, sculptures, etc.), geometric figures (hexagons everywhere!) and even the aesthetics behind mathematics. All of these make use of symmetry or order at their very core which gives off a sense of natural beauty (or even artificial beauty which represents man’s domination over nature). There are other kinds of beauty to be found as well, but that isn’t what this article is about.

This type has to do with the way something looks and how it was made rather than where it came from or its structural components. It also includes things like symmetry, simplicity and evenness so please check our other articles above for more information on those topics. Sometimes people will say that art is all relative because what one might find beautiful may not appeal to someone else so this must mean that beauty doesn’t exist in reality because there seems to be no consistent scientific rule as to what can be considered beautiful and what cannot. I will show that this is not the case at all as beauty once again comes back to how efficiency and organized you are as a person.

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