Breaking These List Of Bad Habits That Are Holding Us Back Every Day Is Possible

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It’s not what you see in the mirror that makes you beautiful. It’s your inner self.

Your beauty is undefinable – it can’t be quantified on a scale of 1 to 10, judged based on your clothes, or even found behind makeup and hair products. Your beauty comes from within; it shines through everything you do and say.

It takes a confident person to fully embrace their inner beauty, but once they do, they’ll find themselves more than capable of standing up against any outer detractor who tries to bring them down. The world needs more people like this! Let’s start by breaking these 8 bad habits that are holding us back every day:

1. Not being proud of our bodies

From general anxiety about how we look to feel embarrassed by a specific part, to constantly comparing ourselves with models and movie stars… young people today are bombarded so often by messages telling them they aren’t good enough as they are that many have started to believe it’s true.

You hear it everywhere – even at the doctor’s office when you ask for help losing or gaining weight – “Your BMI is too high/low for this.” Why can’t you just be happy with yourself? If your weight falls outside of what others would consider normal, don’t let anyone use it against you! Be proud of who YOU are!

2. Making excuses every day

Excuses like these are not only damaging in the long run, but they’re also incredibly short-sighted. It’s like your brain wants to hold on to negativity for dear life.

Don’t blame your lack of time or energy for things that aren’t within your control.

3. Neglecting our mental health

It’s tough for us students to keep up with all the classes we take, with extracurricular activities and jobs (if we have them), plus any social lives, let alone taking care of ourselves! But if you can make time to eat healthy food and go running every day, then you can find 15 minutes during the day just to breathe deeply and meditate.

4. Living in fear of getting hurt

As soon as we form a bond with someone, our brains immediately start to worry about losing them. That’s why when you meet someone you like, your imagination goes wild thinking of all the ways they could leave you – and it causes stress and anxiety!

5. Feeling guilty for our mistakes

One day we’re relaxed and having fun; the next we’re late for work or break someone’s expensive video camera. You can’t always control what happens in this world, but that doesn’t mean you should beat up on yourself every time something negative comes your way! We learn from mistakes so they don’t happen again… so forgive yourself and move ahead!

6. Always putting ourselves down

Motivational speakers say things like “Believe in yourself” and “You can do anything you want in life!” all the time, but it’s so tough to believe when nobody else around you supports you. You shouldn’t have to look for other people to boost your self-esteem because YOU should be doing that all the time. If something doesn’t go right, pick yourself up and try again… and if that doesn’t work either, find someone who will cheer you on instead!

7. Letting our anger take over

If we let every little thing get under our skin and cause a fight or an argument, nothing would ever get resolved! Worse still is if we take out these frustrations on the people we like – they may not deserve it at all! It’s important to not let your anger get the best of you so that when something does go wrong, you can work it out with the person involved. Expressing what’s on your mind to someone you trust can help – before things get too heated!

8. Trying to be perfect all the time

Who says you always have to be polite and punctual? Who says we need to know everything about sports or politics to be an interesting conversation partner? The only thing that matters is being yourself; if you make mistakes along the way, treat them as opportunities for growth.

You don’t need anyone else’s approval to come up with your unique life plan, ’cause at the end of the day, there’s nobody who knows you better than you! So, love yourself and everything else will fall into place.

9. Letting our fears control us

Maybe we’re afraid of failure, or rejection, but one thing’s for sure – fear never solves anything… it only holds you back from current opportunities and future possibilities! If you allow your fears to make all the important decisions in your life, chances are nothing unexpected will ever happen.

10. Letting ourselves get caught up in the drama

If we keep holding grudges with others, then we’re missing out on good things that might come our way if we let go of petty arguments and misunderstandings! Breakups suck – there’s no doubt about that – but once they’re over, you can’t dwell on the past forever. The world keeps turning, so take your sadness by the horns and move forward!

11. Not saying what’s on our minds

People who are afraid to express themselves are the ones who end up keeping weird grudges or being treated badly! You have just as much of a right as anyone else does to stand up for yourself, even if you know it might not be easy… So say what’s necessary before it’s too late!

12. Being scared of hurting other people’s feelings

There will always be someone out there who disagrees with everything you do, but ultimately they’re only opinions. If somebody gets upset because you don’t want to hang out one night, then that doesn’t mean you’re “the worst person in the world”, just that you both want different things.

13. We think we always need other people’s help

Just because someone else has done something before doesn’t mean you should go at it their way! Everyone has to pave their path, so look for advice but don’t be afraid to make your own decisions! Keep doing your best and by all means, ask for help if/when you need it… but remember it’s YOUR life, not theirs!

14. Not staying positive after a breakup

Yes, breakups are sad, but dwelling on what went wrong will only make things worse! If you focus on the future instead of lamenting over your sorrows – especially when there might be people around who are willing to be there for you – you’ll make it out in one piece.

15. We let other people define us

We all know what they say – don’t judge a book by its cover! So, stop making assumptions about the way someone is based on their race, gender, or sexual orientation: They’re all just words that describe anyone and everyone! The only thing that should matter when you meet someone new is getting to know them as an individual.

16. Not asking for help when it’s needed

Again with the “nobody owes you anything” idea… but think about it: Everything we have today was probably given to us by someone at some point! Whether those people were family members, friends, or even a stranger, they’ve helped us more than we’ll ever know!

17. Not using our talents to their fullest potential

You don’t have to set the world on fire with your talent of choice, but you should definitely try to make something out of it. You can always get better at anything if you just practice, so go ahead and explore new things that interest you! If people aren’t showing up to your events/gigs/whatever it is you’re into – then maybe they just don’t get what you’re trying to do?

18. We assume everyone else has it figured out

19. Taking life for granted

20. Letting ourselves down…

21. …or letting others down

22. Not taking responsibility for our choices

23. Forgetting to appreciate what we already have

24. Settling for less than we deserve

25. Believing that cheerfulness is a sign of weakness

26. Keeping our problems all to ourselves

27. We think “what if” too much

28. Comparing ourselves to others

29. Believing that change will only happen if it’s convenient

30. Wasting time because we’re afraid

31. Failing to keep a promise

32….and forgetting why we loved the people in our lives enough to make them

33. Assuming everyone else has their life figured out when really, they might not

34. Letting our minds wander off when it’s full speed ahead

35…or letting other people carry us along with their bad ideas

36. Blaming other people for our own mistakes

37. Relying on a “someday” that never comes

38. Forgetting to say thank you

39. Letting ourselves down again…

40. …and letting others down

41….and putting an end to all the negativity!

Who’s up for sharing some more life lessons with us?! Please feel free to leave your own suggestions in the comments below. Also feel free to purchase any of the products from our shop page And thanks for stopping by, everyone! Love you all.

Do you have any regrets? If so, what are they and what would you do differently if given another chance? Would it be something you’d tell your past self, or are some lessons better left unlearned? Either way, we want to know! Leave a comment below

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