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Origin of The CoronaVirus


The Coronavirus is a virus contracted from the animal, the particular animal carrying this virus is yet to be discovered . The CoronaVirus was discovered in  Wuham China, through the wild animal market . This Virus has spread in all province of China, This virus is highly contagious 2000+ infected persons worldwide 1700 confirmed cases in mainland China and has killed about 1000 people in china and has spread to almost a dozen countries including Canada. The source of the coronavirus is traced from the Wuhan wild animal market in China . The symptoms of the CoronaVirus is yet unknown in the case of an infected person.  for those living and traveling to Asia is advice to use mask covering their mouth and nose to prevent using their hands on  their mouth and nose as this is the easiest way to contract this deadly virus as The Coronavirus can be picked up with your hands as you touch different things and places .

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