Over 10 of the Most Famous Men Throughout History Who Have Worn Makeup

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In this blog, we will explore over 10 of the most famous men throughout history who have worn makeup.

Some used it for style and fashion while others wore it to cover up scars or wounds. What they shared in common was that their use of cosmetics made them more attractive and desirable to women. Each man’s story is unique but what ties them together is that they all had a strong desire to be seen as beautiful by society’s standards–which now includes both genders! We hope you enjoy learning about these ten legendary figures and their contributions to the world of beauty products.

1) Ancient Egyptians used makeup

The first historical men who wore makeup began in the early Bronze Age when they used basic cosmetics such as kohl eyeliner. Kohl was made from galena, a type of lead ore that stained the skin around the wearer’s eyes with a dark hue. The use of wearing eyeliner took hold after pictures emerged of Egyptian Queen Cleopatra, who painted her eyes with this kohl cosmetic so that it would appear darker and more seductive to other members of society. Her cosmetics were not only attractive but also practical because many Egyptians had poor health care and slept outdoors without an umbrella or roof to protect them from the sun.

2) Ancient Greeks loved wearing makeup too!

The ancient Greeks also loved wearing exquisite cosmetics on their faces, eyes, and hair. For hair color, henna was used as a chemical dye that would give it bright red coloring. On the face, they applied white lead paint that gave them a smooth complexion which of course increased their attractiveness among members of society. Though this type of makeup may have had some harmful effects on skin because of its lead content, many women still wore it because they saw these cosmetic products as works of art rather than being considered beauty products even though people who were making these cosmetics at the time did not know about bacterial infections or how to extract all impurities from the ingredients they used.

3) Ancient Romans also liked wearing makeup!

During the time of ancient Rome, men and women alike wore extravagant amounts of face paint that consisted both of cosmetics and natural elements such as charcoal which was rubbed into the skin to make it appear darker. Another example is red ochre mixed with oil which made their cheeks look rosy (this was commonly known as Tyrian powder). To give themselves a glow, they used belladonna plant extract which increased blood flow to their face — making them look healthy and attractive for members of society. Some Roman beauties even went as far as putting toxic lead oxide on their cheeks because this element would cause them to become flushed–making them appear like they had a healthy glow.

4) Ancient Egyptians also used makeup to cover up wounds

While the use of cosmetics for style and fashion is well-known throughout history, another type of historical men who wore makeup was when people wore certain types of cosmetics not only because they thought it looked good but also to cover up scars or wounds that would make them less attractive in society’s eyes. One example includes scarification where cuts were made on the face as a way to remove blemishes such as acne or scars from past battles which would then be filled with galena (a mineral made from lead ore). Another method was to wear artificial eyes such as cowry shells that covered their actual eye sockets so their eyes appeared larger and more attractive than before.

5) Ancient Chinese also wore makeup to look more attractive

The ancient Chinese had the cosmetic techniques that involved them putting lead powder on their face to make it pure white. They believed that people with whiter skin were more attractive in society’s eyes — making them appear noble and wealthy which in turn made others want to interact with them more often because they wanted access to the material items these individuals possessed. To give themselves red lips, some women would chew betel nut or drink a herb root mixture that turned their mouths bright red. It was also common for women during this period to wear facial masks when doing housework so that they could keep their skin clean at all times. Once again, this is another example of when historical men wore makeup that was not only to look good but also practical because the houses of ancient China did not have running water.

6) Ancient Egyptians had more ways to beautify themselves too!

They would make up their eyes by drawing black eyeliner around their lash lines and on top of their lids which made them look beautiful in society’s eyes. However, they also used this cosmetic technique for another reason–to protect the eye from dirt, dust, sand, and other particles that might enter it while working outside. This cosmetic practice is still practiced today by many women who wear makeup — especially when they are going to be around dusty environments or even sports arenas where there are huge crowds of people. fact, there are specific types of eye makeup known as “safety eyes” which are commonly used by people who work in factories and other industrial environments.

7) Ancient Greeks also used cosmetic practices to protect themselves from the environment

The ancient Greeks also had the unique cosmetic practices that not only helped them look attractive but also protected them from the elements such as cold weather. For example, they would wear wooden masks when outdoors during winter so that their skin would stay warm while simultaneously keeping snow, rain, and other types of precipitation off of their face while outside. This is similar to what we see today with scuba diving masks or ski masks worn by children and adults alike when it is cold out and they do not want their faces exposed to the elements. While this was originally done as a cosmetic practice, it is now used for different reasons.

8) Ancient Greeks also wore makeup as part of their worship of their gods

In addition to wearing cosmetics as a way to beautify themselves and make their skin appear more attractive, the ancient Greeks also wore makeup when they wanted to worship or pray at temples dedicated to specific deities. For example, if a woman wanted to pray at Aphrodite’s temple in the hopes of marrying someone she wanted, she would wear red lip color because it symbolized love and passion. If she was hoping that her prayers were heard by Poseidon, then green eyeshadow was worn because that was his color. Another example would be during sacrifices made at temples dedicated to Apollo where people wore yellow face paint and were sometimes even required to wear white clothing before entering the temple because these events were considered holy and sacred.

9) As time went on, Ancient Egyptians began covering their entire bodies rather than just their faces with makeup

Not only did they use it around their eyes but they also used makeup to show that they belonged to a certain class or level of society. For example, if someone was born into royalty, he or she would wear blue skin tone while high priests wore green skin tone and anyone who belonged in an upper class had red skin. If a person wanted to be seen as important by others then wearing all sorts of different colors and combinations of colors became the best way for them to communicate this status with other people.

10) Ancient Greeks were also fond of using makeup to show their societal rank

It was not just the Egyptians who used makeup in this way! If someone wanted to show they were a ruler or someone very important, then wearing blue face paint was considered the best way for one to do this. A commoner had no choice but to wear whatever color he or she could buy or afford because that person would have no status whatsoever in society if they did not wear any cosmetics. However, this practice is now seen as discriminatory and it has been outlawed in some places around the world which is why you can now observe anyone wearing whatever color of foundation they want regardless of where they come from even though it is more popular for people living in the West to wear lighter shades of foundation on their skin.

11) Modern-day men also use cosmetics to express themselves and better communicate with others

The ancient Greeks were some of the first people in history who would take time out of their day-to-day lives just so they could beautify themselves for others or even for themselves so that they could feel better about how they look all around. Men have been wearing makeup ever since then but it was not until relatively recently when airbrushing, contouring, and other types of cosmetic practices became popularized by artists such as Kevyn Aucoin and Way Bandy that more modern men started seeing this practice as a necessary step in their daily routines. There are many different types of men who are now wearing makeup including some male models, male actors, and even male athletes! If you do not believe that this is a thing then simply look up the terms ‘mascara’ or ‘eyeliner’ on Instagram to see how many pictures would pop up under these hashtags. There are also various YouTube tutorials out there that teach other men about different types of makeup they can use so they too can become more aesthetically pleasing – not just for others but for themselves as well!

12) Even if you do not want to wear makeup yourself, it is important to understand why people have used cosmetics historically because it helps us better understand society

One person’s decision to use or not to use cosmetics says a lot about that individual because it reveals a glimpse of his or her personality to the rest of the world. For example, if you are an actor, then wearing makeup while on stage is crucial because your image will be projected onto other people who are watching you from their seats in the audience. If your makeup looks bad then this means that your actions might look bad too! You can’t have one without the other – which is why actors around the world spend so much time and money trying to make sure they look flawless every single day before stepping foot in front of cameras. But there are also plenty of men out there who do not want to wear makeup yet still take care of themselves by finding ways through fashion or hairstyles which help them define themselves.

13) If you were not born with it or do not have access to money or resources, then wearing makeup might be difficult for you

Makeup is considered a status symbol in many different cultures around the world because only certain people can wear it which means that when others see them wearing cosmetics they automatically associate these individuals as having higher social statuses than themselves. This type of distinction can cause huge problems such as discrimination and bullying if someone decides that another person’s skin color is not right and should therefore be adjusted according to what this bully feels is acceptable – even though there is no scientific evidence proving that one skin tone is better than another. The main issue here has to do with how society’s standards of beauty and worth place so much emphasis on how people look rather than who they are behind closed doors. This is why women in particular have struggled so much throughout history because their appearances are considered extremely important whereas men can get away with having flaws and imperfections.

14) Women were the first ones to wear makeup but now more men are starting to wear it as well

Just like women during ancient times, many of the first people who started wearing makeup were men even though this practice was not openly talked about back then for fear of being ridiculed or ostracized by other members of society. However, one man was able to change all that when he decided that it would be a good idea for him to start painting his face white with lead paint every single day and wear a fake beauty mark on his face as well. This is how Mary Kay started her cosmetics company which made it easier for women and men alike to experiment with different types of makeup and skincare products without having to spend too much money right away.

15) Men who do not want to use makeup can still benefit from wearing beauty products such as eyeliners, highlighters, lipsticks, and blushes

This means that they will be able to create new looks all the time just like female celebrities do every single day when they go out in public! Today’s male models and actors know how important it is for them to wear makeup even though most people would think this practice does not make any sense whatsoever. You can say all you want, but the truth is that a little bit of makeup goes a long way and makes these individuals look even more attractive than before. So if you are a guy or girl who would like to wear some eyeliners, lip glosses, blushes, and other kinds of color cosmetics then it might be time for you to go out and buy your own set as soon as possible!

16) ‘We live in a society that constantly judges us on our looks’ – some people may think this statement is sexist but it is very true

In fact, women still have not been able to win the battle against natural selection which says that only those with perfect bodies should reproduce while everyone else does not deserve to exist or survive on Earth! Women are judged by their looks more than men because they are seen as the weaker sex which means that if something ever happens to them then it is unlikely that they will be able to take care of themselves. This type of thinking has been going on for a very long time and only certain individuals including Charles Darwin have been able to change this legacy over the years.

17) Men can use makeup to alter their features or better express who they feel they truly are deep down inside

Before people came up with tools such as eyeliners, lipsticks, blushes, beauty marks, and other types of cosmetics even rich people were not able to wear anything at all. For example, King Tut used kohl around his eyes anytime he went out into public to make himself look more attractive to all those around him. This particular product was made out of lead, carmine, copper ores, antimony, and other types of minerals which were combined to give it color. Today’s men have far more options when it comes to wearing makeup so they can choose what works best for them depending on their skin tones, facial features, type of eyelashes they have, etc.

18) Makeup is still banned from many male pageants even though there are rumors that this policy may be changed soon

It does not matter whether male pageants are being held or not because males are normally prevented from participating against females whenever a pageant takes place! We’re sorry but we just can’t allow men to compete against women because this would be a disaster and the results would not be fair by any means whatsoever. Some people may wonder why anyone cares about who wins pageants such as these considering they do not represent anything real in terms of what goes on behind closed doors.

19) There are several events where both genders compete against each other so one gender does not have an unfair advantage

For example, some golf tournaments, bodybuilding contests, weightlifting competitions, running races, etc. are open to both genders even though there are some physical differences between males and females which make competing with each other nearly impossible! However, most pageants are still separated by males vs. females simply because they are judged by their looks and not by their physical strength or endurance.

20) ‘What can women do to make themselves more attractive?’ – this is a question that men rarely ask any longer

Today, there are so many things women naturally do daily which makes them look amazing compared to just ten years ago. For example, some celebrities today sport blonde shades of hair color whenever they go out into public which gives them an extra boost of self-confidence as well as beauty even though it is not necessary for all females to dye their hair be beautiful! Another advantage women have over men when it comes to looks is the way they dress because many put lots of effort into the outfits they wear whenever they go out into public which is something that men rarely do because of their lack of interest in fashion whole.

21) Compared to just ten years ago, many women today are more comfortable with themselves and this has greatly helped them become closer to perfect

This can be seen in popular television shows such as those hosted by famous female celebrities including Oprah Winfrey who make it a point to help other women feel better about the way they look no matter what type of problems they have been through during their lives. We cannot stress enough how much good this does for the self-esteem levels of young girls and even older females both now and ten years from now! Men should take notice every once in a while when there are events that are specifically for women only because they allow them to feel better about themselves overall.

22) Unfortunately, men do not even take the time to ask themselves this question until it is too late

Some of them may never ask themselves this question depending on how old they are before their lives end. Fortunately, however, others will be able to answer this question very soon if they haven’t already or at least consider doing so whenever possible! There isn’t any reason why every man cannot benefit from learning more about what makes other men ‘attractive’ in hopes that these things can be applied to their own lives as well one day! We know some men have issues with self-esteem but hopefully, those days are coming to an end sooner rather than later because it is never too late!

23) There are many articles on the Internet that can help any man who wants to become better looking

All he has to do is type in a few keywords into his favorite search engine and that will give him access to all types of information on the subject. This includes what men should wear, how they should look, what they need to do with their hair (if anything), etc. If you have ever watched certain television shows for women about fashion, you will notice how there are always at least one or two male characters involved in these types of stories especially when females are supposed to benefit from this advice! Women love it when men dress nicely so they should take advantage of that whenever possible!

24) There are even entire television shows which are hosted by men who dress up as women to help them feel better about themselves

The show is called ‘What Not To Wear’ and it has been very successful since its first episode aired on television. This show involves a man named Clinton Kelly and a woman named Stacy London taking a look at how other males dress and then giving them some advice on what they should change either through specific clothing suggestions or even suggestions on what type of hairstyles would be best for each male. The two hosts also give these men gifts often worth hundreds of dollars as well as reward those who have successfully changed their lifestyles because of the advice given by these people.

25) Fortunately, those who take the time to watch this show often improve their overall appearance

As a result, they gain more self-confidence as well as some other compliments from those who notice their new appearances. The hosts make it clear that they are only giving fashion advice and not sex tips when it comes to finding out how someone should dress because there is no reason for anyone to assume that after watching even one episode of ‘What Not To Wear’ which is understandable when you think about it! They also like to remind everyone that there is no need for cosmetics to help men look better unlike what most people believe in today’s world. If you remember what we said earlier in this article about makeup, you can probably see why the hosts are right about this!

26) Makeup is all about improving one’s confidence level

Some actors have chosen to wear makeup as well as other things to help them bring back their youthful looks. As you can imagine, there was a time when such actions were not even legal and yet now they are becoming more and more popular especially amongst those who want to maintain their youth for as long as possible. While it may be fun for women to see men wearing makeup, we hope all males were able to take note of what we said earlier about makeup because that might just save your life if nothing else! Now pass this knowledge on so that others may know how important it is too whenever possible!

27) A man can wear makeup if he so chooses and no one has the right to judge him for it

Just because a man wears makeup does not mean that you should assume they are gay given all of the misinformed people who still believe this myth about wearing certain types of things. Some males enjoy wearing makeup as well as other accessories to feel better about themselves whenever possible! This is also why many actors have been caught wearing lipstick on occasion. Nowadays, it is a lot more acceptable for a male to wear lipstick but back in the day, this would have never happened until after death!

28) Well, now we know that some historical men wore makeup

29) Some historical men didn’t just wear makeup but they even had servants who would do it for them

30) Some people may think that King Louis XIV of France wore the most makeup in his era but there is another historical man who wore way more than he did whenever possible

31) The name of this man is Max Factor and the funny thing about him is that he invented modern cosmetics such as foundation, mascara, and other lipsticks! He was born in Poland back in 1872 and died in Hollywood in 1938. However, it wasn’t until his death when his legacy began since he went on to inspire many others to follow in his footsteps whenever possible.

32) It all started after a man named Alexandre de Paris introduced him to different types of makeup

33) It didn’t take long for Factor to invent some of his makeup products which he then introduced to many movie stars including Marilyn Monroe

34) His most popular invention ended up being the ‘Pan Cake’ which is one of the most widely used types of the foundation today

35) Because of what this man did, others who came after him also began making their cosmetics to help them look better without having to wear so much whenever possible.

36) Nowadays, men are given more choices when it comes to wearing makeup if they want which might just be why there are even shops that just sell makeup for men these days

37) While it might not be okay for every single male on the planet to wear makeup, it is okay for some of them to do so every once in a while

38) These are just examples of people who have worn makeup throughout history so they might not be too difficult for you to find if you simply look around on the internet. While some may argue that wearing certain types of clothing or accessories can bring out one’s true colors, we have yet to see anything that beats the power of makeup! It does help us all look better when used correctly without being misused.

39) We hope this article has been helpful and taught you a few things about men who wore makeup throughout history! We tried our best to include as many different names as possible but if there is anyone else you would like to add to this list, you are welcome to leave their name in the comments section below!

40) We hope everyone enjoyed reading this article and if nothing else, it might be good for a laugh or two at the very least! If you learned anything from this here today, we hope you pass on that knowledge so that others may also know. Just remember what we said earlier about makeup because your life could depend on it one day if nothing else! Thank you again and take care of yourselves wherever you may go! This is not something that I ever thought I would say but: well-done guys! And don’t ask us why… Just accept it… 🙂 Thanks for stopping by and watching/reading- whatever floats your boat these days…


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